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We are always evolving through life and this is where I keep track of the changes.

Ayem's art is all about growth as a individual, it's a learning process very much like life. I Offer Handmade shirts, posters and canvases among other services like painting walls/murals, tables, furniture, Etc., anything possible.

Fee Ranges from Quality, tools and time.

Art is nutrition for the soul. It creates a atmosphere and it helps the viewer self reflect, it serves as a mirror for your thoughts.


niggas get shot everyday b


niggas get shot everyday b

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What do I need in life?

The whole time I rode that car I was contemplating these questions.
What do I need in life?
The answer should appear
We as people need a focus
To prosper be good and understand the situations.

Why do people think like the music they listen to?
It influences minds.
As I travel to sb I see the possibilities of life.
Everybody senses work. A man and woman is subjected to what they do.
It seems like actions define character.
What do you want to do?
Decide. Or not. The choice is yours.
But if we could wouldn’t the world be different?
It already is see as if all things are bound to change.
Why does money define my situations?
How did it all begin and why?
It seems like a debt is being paid but to who tho?

Nobody knows the game is rigged.

Time to change it. Let’s get rich spiritually and financially.
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Most Art if not all is By Divine Design.

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The internet

The internet is a world wide collaboration piece of art.

Everyone who is active adds a color and shape to the piece. Even the statuses you type add on to the piece.

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We are all thoughts thinking of thoughts.

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