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We are always evolving through life and this is where I keep track of the changes.

Ayem's art is all about growth as a individual, it's a learning process very much like life. I Offer Handmade shirts, posters and canvases among other services like painting walls/murals, tables, furniture, Etc., anything possible.

Fee Ranges from Quality, tools and time.

Art is nutrition for the soul. It creates a atmosphere and it helps the viewer self reflect, it serves as a mirror for your thoughts.

mjaumja-u asked: hey ! how've you been ?


Great thank you for asking.

— 1 day ago

Mann I had a crazy ass dream. It all started off with me walking through the Great Wall of china. I was lead to climb a mountain peak. So when I did all of a sudden a large rush of water came overflowing everything. So the higher I climbed the higher the ride became until I reached the peak. Then there were 3 poles I balanced myself on. Then a mermaid or two appeared won stood out more because she told me something I remember she said something but I can’t remember what she said. I just know she said something. And then the water came rushing down and the area was clear of water.
So I’m there chilling. Balanced on these poles and I’m thinking damn how am I gonna get down from here. I felt trapped and then the mermaid turned into a human and called for help so my dad somehow appeared levitated to the top and some how used levitation to pull me down.
Crazy huh.

— 2 days ago

How to make your own paint.

— 3 days ago
New painting.

New painting.

— 3 days ago

The beginning of a new painting.

— 4 days ago